Alaska Up Denali

Alaska Up Denali
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This stereoscopic 3D video portrays a successful adventure trek and technical summit attempt of the highest mountain in North America. Also known as Mount McKinley, Denali has an altitude of 20,320’ and is one of the Seven Summits of the World.

Situated in Alaska near the Arctic Circle, a June Denali climb is spent entirely without darkness – essentially a single month-long “day”. And being so far North and so high, the entire climb, from flying into Base Camp via bush plane, to up-and-down the Kahiltna Glacier with repetitive carry and move snowshoe pack trips, to steep ascents near the 20,000’ Summit Ridge is spent entirely on snow.

Come join 3D filmmaker Tom Riederer on a classic climb of America’s high-altitude jewel. Start in the lush, green Talkeetna summer and wind your way through spectacular 3D vistas, blizzards and personal triumphs to reach the pinnacle of the United States of America. Once you see the mountains in 3D you’ll never want to see them “flat” again!

This video was filmed and produced by Thomas P. Riederer PE, entirely in stereoscopic 3D using proprietary Digital Video cameras developed by Tree-D Films. The 3D aspect of this film provides a stunning and unique “You Are There!” feeling. Beautiful vistas of the country we’ve covered and impressive action shots of the climbers and climate come alive in front of you as the screen seems to just vanish into a window.

Runtime: 30 minutes Format: Digital Video, field sequential stereoscopic 3D & 2D versions included!

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