IMAX Transitions

IMAX Transitions
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TRANSITIONS, the Very First IMAX 3D Movie.

The worlds first 3D large format (IMAX) film! Field sequential version DVD. Real life footage filmed using a $500,000 3D IMAX camera system.

Developed by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), the artistically-inspired and technologically innovative film TRANSITIONS is available in 3D format. This historical piece was produced as the first ever IMAX 3D movie for the Canadian Pavilion at Vancouver’s EXPO ’86 and is now known as the ancestor of three-dimensional entertainment as we know it. It is therefore fitting that CyberWorld and the NFB launch a special commemorative edition of TRANSITIONS now that high quality 3D entertainment is available for home viewing.

The film highlights a century of incredible advances in transportation and communication. The excitement of conquering great distances, the satisfaction of overcoming isolation for people in a vast land and the growth of commerce are shown at their best while celebrating the art and technology of cinema, skillfully interweaving incredible 3D effects, helicopter logging and a charming 3D teddy bear parade. “It was important for us to include this film in our library because it truly is a must-see for any 3D or film enthusiast. Watching the new DVD release of TRANSITIONS is like having a twenty-minute history lesson on the art of 3D film-making.” Some of the bonus features include director Colin Low’s unique insight into the challenges of shooting a three dimensional movie and original storyboard sketches.


3D Version Included

Making of Featurette


Factory Sealed

Stereoscopic 3D DVDs (commonly referred to as Field Sequential, Shutter, Interlaced, LCS-LCD, electronic 3D etc…) can literally fly 9 feet off of the screen if you are ten feet away. These movies can be viewed in a number of different ways. For some of the most common methods please see our 3D Collections Stereoscopic.

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