Make Every Second Count [Blu-Ray 3D]

Make Every Second Count [Blu-Ray 3D]
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Make Every Second Count [Blu-Ray 3D]


Best 3D Cinematography 2011

Jury 3rd Place 7th Annual LA 3D Movie Festival

Life is short and bike riding is just one passion that allows riders to live in the moment. Make Every Second Count is a 3D video featuring riders just doing what they do. From the best racers and free riders in the world to the local trail digger, Make Every Second Count offers a little of everything.

Drop off bluffs with US National Champ Logan Bingelli in Virgin, Utah. See the best slopestyle trick riders battle it out in the Teva Mountain Games at Vail, Colorado and Experience World Cup Downhill Racking with the world’s fastest riders. Visit Ray’s indoor bicycle park and fly along the best dirt jump trails and much more all in true stereoscopic 3D!!

Running Time 67 Minutes

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