ProView XL HMD

ProView XL HMD
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The XL HMD is the newest addition to the ProView™ family of head-mounted displays. It features full-color XGA performance for those demanding tasks that require ultra-high resolution stereo imagery.

The ProView™ XL HMD incorporates Kaiser Electro-Optics’ (KEO) proprietary technology to achieve unparalleled color performance and high contrast ratio. The expanded color gamut really sets it apart from other display systems.

The optical modules are mounted on the same comfort-fit headband system used on all ProView™ HMDs.

Full color, solid state, XGA resolution (800H x 600V)


Virtual Environments
Simulation and Training
Augmented Reality
Command and Control
3D Visualization
Flight Training
Portable Computing
Computer Training
CAD/CAM Display


Designed for the Professional User
Full-Colour True-Color, XGA Resolution
100% Overlap
Autosense Logic for Stereo or Monoscopic Viewing
Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
"Comfort-Fit" Headband
Compatible with Eyeglasses
Rugged and Durable
Full Range of Adjustments
High Contrast and Brightness


Demo Unit Used Very Good

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