Anachrome Originals

Anachrome Originals
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These Premium 3D glasses are much higher quality than most other 3D glasses. Anachrome brand glasses have an outstanding reputation for quality and superior optical quality, paper glasses and less sophisticated plastic glasses can't deliver.

Expect up to four time better clarity, especially in the diopter corrected red filter.

Dispersion is the BANE of RED... the very reason Sony is going to blue laser for HD DVDs (Blu-Ray system) . There is a 250 nanometer difference in the focus between the two colored filters...eyestrain results in all other glasses when viewing close. Only Anachrome glasses FIX the terrible problem with RED filters with mild diopter correction.

The colors are far more subtle with great skin tones. As many as 5 times more discrete colors can be seen with both eyes open. The greens in foliage are far more vivid, and the slight green/pink component in human skin replaces the un-natural bluish tone of other glasses. The Anachrome version of CYAN has a bit more green than most competition, assuring vividness in green outdoor settings. Other glasses rob you of most of the color, and give you a head-ache due to the strain of RETINAL RIVALRY. Anachrome is a true product of the 21st Century...Forget about cheesy 19th Century paper glasses!

With care these will last for years of stereo enjoyment.

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