Beneath the SEA in 3D

Beneath the SEA in 3D
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Take a spectacular journey beneath the sea!

An amazing collection of 3D photographs. From brightly hued nudibranchs, colorful blennies and giant sea turtles to ethereal jellyfish and radiant angelfish, these stereoscopic photographs bring the weird and wonderful creatures of the deep to three-dimensional life and will delight and astound marine enthusiasts of all ages.

Dive right in!

Accompanied by entertaining, informative captions, these eye-opening photographs, taken all over the world, allow you to journey beneath the oceans as never before. A fascinating look at the extraordinary range and diversity of life in the sea, Beneath the Sea in 3-D provides a unique and intriguing glimpse into the underwater realm.

Product Features:

• 44 stunning 3D photos in high and low resolution!

• Detailed text and narration

• Glossary of insect terminology

• Automated slide show option


Factory Sealed

Stereoscopic PC 3D Roms (commonly referred to as Field Sequential, Shutter, Interlaced, LCS-LCD, electronic 3D etc…) can literally fly 9 feet off of the screen if you are ten feet away. These PC CD Roms can be viewed with PC shutter glasses such as our Virtual Reality PC 3D Kits, X3D Shutter Glasses or PC Glasses Kits from E-Dimensional. 3D Collections Stereoscopic.

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