The Creeps

The Creeps
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THE CREEPS is a genuine 3-D film shot on 35mm with Chris Condon Stereovision lenses. These lenses utilize a 3-D filming technique called "over and under." During filming, a normal 35mm film frame is exposed by two lenses (one for each eye view) instead of one. The top half of the film frame is exposed by one lens and the bottom half of the frame by the other lens. Hence, the name "over and under." Great care was taken during the transfer and multiplexing (combining the two eye views) to correct convergence in many shots and scenes.

The quality of 3-D on this disc is excellent for field sequential home viewing. This disc contains stereo (3-D) menus and logos, as well. The Creeps has been availble in 2D, but is now available for the first time ever in 3-D on DVD. To our knowledge, this DVD represents the first legitimately released feature-length 3-D film in field sequential 3-D. A must have for 3-D collectors!

Mad scientist brings Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster to life…

but there’s a problem....

They’re only three feet tall.

Comedy/Horror (1997) Full Moon Entertainment

Directed By Charles Band

Running Time: 76 minutes

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Features PLEASE NOTE: RARE FIELD SEQUENTIAL 3D VERSION 3D ONLY if you don't already have a 3D viewing system please see our Ebay Store for several different ones THANKS!

Condition Factory Sealed

Stereoscopic 3D DVDs (commonly referred to as Field Sequential, Shutter, Interlaced, LCS-LCD, electronic 3D etc…) can literally fly 9 feet off of the screen if you are ten feet away. These movies can be viewed in a number of different ways. For some of the most common methods please see our 3D Collections Stereoscopic.

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