Grindhouse Double Feature Vol 5 [Blu-ray 3D]

Grindhouse Double Feature Vol 5 [Blu-ray 3D]
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Grindhouse Double Feature Vol 5 (Bluray 3D)

Contains the two full length features Deadly Culture and V-World Matrix

“Official 3D Bluray Release”

Total Runtime over 3 hours!

Rated R (Violence, Gore, Nudity & Adult Situations)

V-World Matrix:

Two friends take a cyber vacation to experience a world where they can act out their most violent and erotic fantasies! They soon realize they've entered a virtual free-for-all. Forbidden fantasies and desires suddenly appear in the form of the ever deadlier "dark woman". All the players now end up in a cyber battle for their lives, and sanity, against a beautiful virtual hunter who has one killer fixation - winning the deadly game they started!

Deadly Culture:

When the government interferes with medicine and medicine interferes with Mother Nature, evil plants a seed. When Natasha and her doctor believe they have found the cure for her illness, suddenly Natasha turns into a monster unleashed into the wilderness where campers are terrorized.

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