Intertrax 2 Head Tracker

Intertrax 2 Head Tracker
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The Intertrax 2 is the smallest high performance HeadTracker in the world.

Designed to bring 3D to life for design, game play and web visualization.

Smaller and lighter than earlier products, the Intertrax 2 provides fast, precise and affordable tracking for Immersive PC-Based personal displays. It delivers extremely fast, smooth, orientation data via the USB or serial port of a PC. With the Intertrax 2, the physical flexibility in the real world is duplicated in the virtual world. Users can look up, down and around through 360 degrees as they explore and interact with their environment.


3 degrees of freedom (DOF) angular tracking
Compatible with Playstation2 and PC workstations
Sourceless operation
Exceptional speed and accuracy
Zero jitter, high stability
Compatible with most 3D applications
Connects simply via mouse or USB port
Tracking not affected by nearby objects
Attaches easily to Head Mounted Display
On board processor performs sophisticated
attitude compensation algorithms


Demo Unit

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