Sharks in 3D Special Edition CD Rom with 3D Glasses

Sharks in 3D Special Edition CD Rom with 3D Glasses
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Dive in and get close and personal with these denizens of the deep!

You might never want to get this close to a real shark, but, this could be the next best thing. Through this collection of stereo 3D photographs you can get the fish's eye view of some the shark's habitat. One look at the incredible 3D images of these eternally fascinating creatures and you'll be hooked.

Interesting and educational, you will marvel at the breathtaking realism!

Read along with the descriptive narrative and find out more about the sharks environment and habitat. How do they sense movement ? What do they really like for dinner?!!!

2D and 3D versions (Akumira red/blue and H3D interlaced) included

Red / Blue 3D glasses

Over 40,3D images of Sharks with descriptive narration!

Large and small 3D image formats

Automated slide show option


Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000. Pentium 266mhz or higher PC (Pentium Celeron, 455mhz or higher recommended). 32 MB of RAM. 24x speed or faster CD-Rom drive. Sound Blaster compatible sound card. Monitor and video card capable of a minimum resolution of 800 x 600.

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